About us

How it all began:

In 1990 we got our first terrier: Gwendolin von der Libellenau, a Dandie-Dinmont Terrier bitch. In 1994 our kennel Coquet Water was founded. In 1995 we got a Dandie-Dinmont Terrier male, Jim Beam von der Libellenau. Unfortunately Gwendolin never had puppies...

As Dandies and Bedlingtons are supposed to be related, we were always also interested in Bedlington Terriers.

Thus in 2003 we got our first Bedlington Terrier bitch, Rhea Maya von der Strauchmühle (Rhea). In 2007 we imported from Russia, kennel Blju Be Judzhens, the Bedlington Terrier bitch Blju Be Judzhens Most Beautiful Girl (Bonya).

In 2009 a dream came true: Bonya got her first litter!


What is important to us:

Our dogs live with us in house and garden and join us when we are travelling. They are fantastic family dogs, they also like dog shows and are successfully presented in the show ring. We carefully select the males for our breeding and focus particularly on health, well-balanced, friendly temperament and correct type corresponding to FCI standard. We willingly accept that long journeys might be necessary to reach the selected male. Our puppies are raised with lots of love in familiar surroundings. We take care of correct mental and physical conditioning and good socialization. Thus future owners will be pleased to get a great companion.




We would like to thank all friends and mentors for their help and support!



Sabine & Karl Neugebauer

Coquet Water Bedlingtons